We are currently feeding our puppies Purina Beneful puppy food and you will receive a few days supply when you bring puppy home. It is not necessary to moisten it, puppy will eat it dry. We strongly encourage feeding puppy a higher quality food. It will have more nutrients and less fillers which means puppy will eat less and poop less lol. Puppy will also grow up stronger and live a healthier, longer life. Make sure to mix in the Beneful with whatever food you choose to gradually transition puppy to their new food. This will hopefully avoid any upset tummies.

    Before choosing a puppy food it is important to do a little research to ensure it has good reviews and there haven’t been any recent recalls or issues with it. Make sure to look at the ingredients and if the first ingredient is a corn, wheat, or meat byproduct move on. It is not necessarily the brand that is important, but the ingredients. The first ingredient should always be a meat or fish. We recommend using canned food only sparingly. It should be more of an occasional treat and is a great way to administer medications when needed. If used too often, puppy may become spoiled and not want their dry food and since there is a lot of water in it stools tend to become loose. It will also loose its ability to be used as an appetite tester.

    Keep puppy on puppy food for the first year. After that you can switch to an adult food. We feed puppies three times per day – morning, afternoon, and a couple of hours before bed. As puppy gets a little older, and their stomachs grow and are able to hold more food, you can decrease to two feedings per day. Let puppy eat as much as they want during the first year. They are growing and need as many nutrients as they can get. At around one year, when you switch to adult food, start to measure out their food so puppy will not become overweight. Excess weight creates lots of health problems that are costly to treat and decrease a dogs quality of life. Of course exercise is important as well. Some dogs can be picky so it may be necessary to experiment with a few different brands until you find one puppy will like. Our adult dogs especially love Taste of the Wild and Purina Pro Plan. We also use Nature's Recipe and Diamond Naturals.

    Although not necessary, we encourage everyone to give puppy vitamins for the first few weeks after you bring them home. This transition is a very stressful time for puppy and will make them more susceptible to illness. Vitamin supplements will give puppy an immune boost and help them stay strong during this time. We use puppy formula, which is loaded with vitamins and nutrients, to transition puppies to solid food. Once they are weaned from formula to dry food, we supplement with vitamin c to keep their immune systems as strong as possible. We purchase it at the grocery store in powder form and simply sprinkle it onto their food. Petsmart and Petco have a great selection of puppy vitamins and they are also available at Tractor Supply and other feed stores. As with choosing a food, make sure to look at customer reviews and ingredients before purchasing and giving any vitamin supplement to your puppy. A nutritious high quality diet is essential for raising a strong healthy puppy!