Communicable Disease...

Communicable diseases are those which are passed from one dog to another. The best way to prevent your new puppy from becoming ill due to a communicable disease is to keep them isolated until they are fully vaccinated. Do not bring puppy to places where people frequently bring their pets. For example, Petsmart, Petco, tractor supply, dog parks, parks, and rest stops. When you visit the vet, hold puppy and do not put them down. Do not take your puppy for walks in your neighborhood or apartment complex until they have received at least three sets of vaccinations. If you live in an apartment, plan on having puppy use the restroom on your patio/balcony for the first few weeks. If you do not have one, set up a spot in your bathroom or laundry room with puppy pads/newspapers so that puppy can use the restroom there. 

    Concrete is the safest place for your new puppy. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites can survive in the soil for years waiting to infect your puppy! They cannot survive nearly that long on the concrete, especially if it is cleaned regularly. A simple one-to-ten bleach/water solution is highly effective in eliminating these harmful agents. 

    People always ask if it is alright to bring their new puppy around their own dog(s) and in their yard. The answer is of course! The likelihood that your dog is carrying something or that your yard is contaminated is minimal as long as your dogs are healthy and vaccinated. If your dog is around many dogs, or frequents places where many dogs have been, the risk is greater. A healthy, fully vaccinated dog could be carrying something that is deadly to an un or under vaccinated puppy and you might never even know it. To them it is nothing more than a simple “cold” their immune system fights off with minimal effort. This “cold” however would have a drastically different outcome for a young puppy who has not yet fully developed their immune system. The best way to keep puppy from contracting a communicable disease is to avoid exposure to all possible sources of illness. The more dogs and environments you expose your new puppy to, the greater the probability that you will encounter a virus that will infect puppy. I know you are probably eager to show off your new puppy, but it is just not worth the risk!